Friday, January 14, 2011

Hobie Spring/Summer 2011 Swimwear Shoot

We have been modeling for Hobie awimwear since the tender age of 16. We've been a part of the Hobie "family" for a little over 5 years now. Renowned photographer, David Puu, has shot every annual swimwear shoot for them. By now, we consider David our "second Dad" because of the close bond we now share. It's amazing what can happen by chance. The only reason we are athletes for Hobie is because of David. It's a interesting story of how it all began. We had known David for only a few months when he called us to see if we could fill in for a model who Hobie had originally hired for their shoot but had dropped out last minute. We were 16 and still in our "ugly duckling stage" but we jumped at the chance to do it. We went over to Maui two weeks later and were immediately welcomed into the Hobie family. I literally had no idea what I was doing regarding the modeling aspect because this was only my second photo shoot. But in short, we created some amazing images and we've been working with David and Hobie ever since. Working with David on these past shoots, we've swam with wild dolphins, stand-up paddled in shore break and ridden horses bareback (in swimsuits I might add) on the beach in 40 mph winds.

This last shoot was scheduled literally the night before because we were avoiding an oncoming storm front and trying to get the shoot done before our finals week at UCSB. Like most swimwear shoots, this was in November when the weather isn't exactly "warm". But as usual, we pulled it off and Hobie came away with some amazing images. Thanks to Donna Von Hoesslin of Bettybelts for styling and makeup, Sean Douglas of Hobie for planning and dealing with our crazy schedules, Carrie Seifert of Manhattan Beachwear for organizing "everything in between" and to David for your tireless efforts.

Below are some shots from the shoot. All photos are copyright

This is a photo from our shoot on Maui in 2005, things haven't changed much :)

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